A Child of Magic 

Christine Olivia Hernandez

For remembering. For the inner child. The journey of Lana Livia rediscovering her natural born magic is the perfect way to connect with your inner child.


Tapping into the magic starts when we look with eyes of wonder, and see with eyes of the heart.

"Swing this way, let us remind you of your ways.


Sweet as the sun, Magic child we are one"

-A Child of Magic 

a child of magic.JPG

Book Description


Lana Livia feels loved and supported through her connection to Mother Earth, and when detached, her dazzling imagination helps her cope with a big world that doesn’t believe in magic.

Lana is miraculous and extraordinary as ever a young spirit was. She loves being in nature, she loves magic, dancing, playing, and using her imagination. 



Lana’s friends are a little atypical for most: fairies, a fox and a mermaid to name but a few.  But this will all change with time, as her heart breaks and human experience seeps in and shatters Lana’s magic…


Mother nature cries out to Lana to shake her from the fog of disenchantment. And in right timing, Lana listens. There is light at the end of the tunnel, after all, she has always been a child of Magic.



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