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Christine Olivia is the author of A Child of Magic. She is an author, first time screen writer, and cacao ceremonialist. She creates and expresses through story telling and cacao ceremonies.

“You are a child of magic. One day you will forget and then remember who you truly are. Thus you will shine with brilliant light, reminding others of their inner radiance,” said Pachamama. “All in right timing.”

-  A Child of Magic

After recognizing my connection to and passion for ceremonial cacao, yoga, and wellness, I realized that I was a magical being on the path to remembering.

My aim is to cultivate love and enrich others with my truth expression and magical creations. 

I wish to embody the love, light, and the magic, and be the medicine that is needed in the world.

While living in Germany, I wrote a short story about a little girl named Lana Livia. I set it down to move to LA and then in 2019 I published my first soul expression, a book entitled "A Child of Magic".  My first screen play is adapted from the book .

I hope with all of my creations I can inspire others to live in their truth and tap into their magic. 

I lives in Los Angeles with my partner and am passionate about the arts in all the forms it takes.