Christine Olivia Dargas is the author of A Child of Magic. An author, muse, and artist. She’s been writing since the age of seven, expressing herself through poetry and short stories. She has been a ceremonial artist for three years and is in the process of working on mixed media art for women’s empowerment.

Her path to becoming like a Child of Magic in her story began after a small shift that occurred four years ago back in Bali. After this, she came to recognize her connection to and passion for yoga, wellness, and cacao, and in that process realized that she was a magical being on the path to remembering. In the summer of that year, she became a certified yoga instructor, and with the aid of yoga and ceremonial cacao, she learned how to open her heart, and live in her truth and purpose.

“You are a child of magic. One day you will forget and then remember who you truly are. Thus you will shine with brilliant light, reminding others of their inner radiance,” said Pachamama. “All in right timing.”

-  A Child of Magic

After these experiences, she moved to Germany with her beloved and wrote a short story about a little girl named Lana Livia. She set it down to move to LA and then in 2018, after nine months she finished the story A Child of Magic, based on her own magical journey of remembering. Like Lana Livia, she aims to cultivate love and enrich others with her truth and magic.

She lives in Los Angeles with her partner and is passionate about the arts in all the forms it takes.